Established by the municipal government of Shenzhen as a public institution of higher education and focused on the need of industries, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) learns from the educational philosophy of universities of applied sciences in Germany and engages itself in building a world-class and internationalized university of applied sciences, focused on engineering courses, aiming to cultivate high-quality applied talents, such as high-quality engineers and designers. SZTU currently embraces six colleges, including the Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, College of Big Data and Internet, College of New Materials and New Energies, College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, College of Creative Design, and College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering. In 2017 supported by Shenzhen University, SZTU admitted 226 undergraduates to the programs of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, and Illuminating Source and Illumination. SZTU plans to enroll 25,000 full-time students by the year of 2025.


1.   SZTU would like to be a co – operation partner with German companies in Guandong Province to offer placements for the student`s compulsory internship. InUniversity of Applied Sciences like SZTU: Each student has to work (= compulsory internship) onesemester outside of the campus.

2.   Students get ideas of a subject for the Bachelor-/ Masterthesis

(I.g. in Bavaria`s UAS: About 75-80 % of the student`s thesis are generated in cooperation with companies/enterprises or institutions)

3.   WIN-WIN situation: Students learn the daily working situation as well as the culture of the company. Company gets to know better a possible future employee. In Germany about 70 % of all engineers have been graduated from University of Applied Sciences (former: Fachhochschulen).

4.   All professors would like to work together with companies. For example in Germany only you can get a professorship at University of Applied Sciences when you have a working experience outside of the campus for at least five years.


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