Visit No. 1

Zhongshan Kalori Air Conditioning Industry Co., Ltd

KALORI designs and manufactures heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as accessories, for OEM installations on Special and Industrial Vehicles. Created in 1993, KALORI has over 100 employees in France, along with 50 employees at our sister site in China, for an annual turnover of 19M€, with 55% of that figure being exports across the world.

Zhongshan Kalori Air Conditioning Industry Co., Ltd. was created with 2 objectives: to remain competitive in the European markets; and to catch up with other occidental constructers in south East Asia. The factory is equipped with a large number of injection presses, mastering a full range of operations: from plastic injection to the assembly of HVAC & heating systems.

Visit No. 2

Vatti Corporation Limited

Mainly engaged in the production and sales of household appliances, created in 1992, Vatti Corporation Limited is one of the most powerful enterprises, specializing in the production of kitchen and bath appliances. This enterprise mainly deal with four series of products, including cook tops, built-in ovens, range hoods and water heaters. The market share of gas cooker has ranked No. 1 in China during the past 18 years. The products manufactured by Vatti include various product series such as built in ovens (built in electric ovens, built in gas and electric hobs), hobs (electric hob, gas hob), gas water heaters, cooker hoods, sterilizers and cupboards, covering over 500 varieties.