Event Details

The Manufacturing Roundtable is the German Chambers quarterly workshop on Production & Manufacturing issues.

This time it introduces the model of Lean Leadership Training which links the fields of Manufacturing and HR. The concept is introduced along the different production facilities of the testo plant in Shenzhen.

The manufacturing roundtable starts punctually at 9:00 and ends at 12:00. It is followed by a free networking lunch. This event is only for management level participants with backround in Manufacturing or Human Resources. 

Topic: Lean Leadership Training

Introduction: Mr. Axel Strittmatter, Managing Director, testo Instruments (Shenzhen) 

testo will share on 8 stations distributed in the whole facility the overall concept introduction:

1.        Lean & Lean Leaders

2.        Problem Solving, Improvement & A3 Thinking

3.        Standards, Standard Work and Visual Management

4.        Commit to Self-Development

5.        Learning to coach and develop others

6.        Support Daily Kaizen

7.        Create vision and align the company goals

8.        Action Management System – how to manage your trusted system

About Testo

Testo, with headquarters in Germany, is a leading manufacturer of portable electronic measuring instruments for measuring temperature, velocity, light, pH, humidity, pressure, gas concentration and water quality. Established in 1957, holds 32 subsidiaries worldwide. 2,700 Testo employees in different countries have committed themselves to providing their customers with the best products and services.

Testo Instruments (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is one of a total assets branch company of Testo, and is responsible for the R&D of new innovative products and for the production as well. Since they have been established in 2001, their team has grown to 260 members. In 2017, Testo got the Certificate of National Hi-Tech Enterprises. To continue their prosperity and achieve a greater success in the future, the main goal of Testo Shenzhen is 100% quality within the right time and right quantities.


Organizer and Partner