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Look for a chance to meet like-minded people?

Want to share your exciting new ideas and on-going projects?

Desire to learn from each other's experience and find your potential partners?

Hey, you have to join our 

brand-new startup event: AHK Soapbox!






AHK Soapbox

AHK Soapbox aims to provide all entrepreneurs from all fields a free and interactive platform.

Here you can share your own ideas and get to know the startup community.

AHK Soapbox为各行各业的企业家提供了一个自由、互动开放的平台。在这里,您可以尽情分享见解,融入初创社区大家庭

This time, we have invited 20 startups from Europe to join us in the first AHK Soapbox and share with you the 

experiences in Germany, USA, France, Italy…

首届AHK Soapbox,我们邀请了二十多名来自欧洲的初创企业代表,与您分享他们从德国、美国、法国、意大利等国带来的经验。


Theme: Innovation & Startup


  • Each startup has 1 minute to share their ideas or experiences on the stage.
  • 每一位演讲者有一分钟的时间上台演讲,分享个人的想法与经验。

  • If the idea is very interesting and convincing, the audience can shout "CONTINUE", "GO ON" or clap, then the startup earns another minute on the stage. And so on...
  • 如果听众觉得演讲者的分享非常有趣,可以口头或鼓掌示意演讲者继续。演讲时长随之增加一分钟,依此类推。

  • Startup who can't convince the audience need to leave the stage to the next speaker.
  • 没有赢得掌声的演讲者则需要在一分钟结束后将舞台交给下一位演讲者。

  • Audience can ask questions, challenge or support the speakers.
  • 听众可以尽情提问。


October 14, 2019

Main Schedule

6:30 PM
Registration 嘉宾入场
7:00 PM - 7:20 PM
Welcome Speech 开幕致辞
by Mr. Dr. Martin Wansleben, CEO of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and Mr. Peter Karl-Heinz Adrian, board member of DIHK (board member of TRIWO AG) 德国工商总会CEO,马丁·万斯莱本博士及德国工商总会董事成员兼特里沃股份公司首席执行官彼得·卡尔-海因茨·阿德里安先生致开幕词
7:20 PM - 8:00 PM
WHAT, no scheduled speakers?! YOU are the speaker! Step on the stage, stand on the soapbox and grab the mic, share with us your creative ideas, startup experiences, on-going projects… 没有预先安排演讲者?!您就是我们的演讲者!站上木箱,拿起麦克风,跟我们分享您的创新见解,创业经验,最新项目……
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Grab a beer and enjoy our special snacks, now let’s network with the Sino-German startup ecosystem! 请尽情享用啤酒和点心,与到场嘉宾自由交流。




Bee+ Shekou
No.9 Li Yuan Road, G&G Creative Community, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
深圳市南山区G&G创意社区 Bee+, 深圳市南山区蛇口自贸区荔园路9号

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For additional event or venue information, please email huang.menglin@gz.china.ahk.deYou can also reach us at +86 2087552353 ext. 222

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